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Vixen Tor and Great Staple Tor, Dartmoor, UK

Dartmoor has beautiful hills with spectacular rock formations of which the height is between is between a few meters and a few tens of meters. We visited two of them: Vixen Tor and Great Staple Tor. Their location is sown on the map.

These images were taken by a camera lifted by a kite (6.5 foot Rokkaku). The weather was great for taking photographs: stable wind and low evening sun.

Background Information

Dartmoor is known for its tors – large hills, topped with outcrops of bedrock, which in granite country such as this are usually rounded boulder-like formations. More than 160 of the hills of Dartmoor have the word “Tor” in them but quite a number do not.

Source: Wikipedia

<googlemap type=“hybrid” width=“800px” height=“400px” zoom=“13” lat=“50.559” lon=“-4.0585”> 50.54996,-4.059408,Vixen Tor 50.565859,-4.059,Great Staple Tor </googlemap>

Vixen Tor: Kite Aerial Photography

Great Staple Tor: Kite Aerial Photography

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