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-====== Dredging at London Gateway ======+====== Dredging at London Gateway ​Port====== 
 +These aerial images show dredging work taking place at London Gateway Port (river Thames, at the former Shell Haven installations downstream of the City of London).
-Thes images were taken in oktober 2011 with a camera lifted by a kite+These images were taken for [[http://​​en/​home/​30-pontoon-and-split-hopperbarge-at-lonodon-gateway-port|Baars BV]], owner of the split hopper barges and the large coupling pontoon supporting the backhoe crane.
-<​blockquote>​{{:​project:​201110_london_gateway:​london_gateway_8119.jpg?​300x150&​nolink |Dredging at London Gateway}}+These images were taken in October 2011 with a camera lifted by a kite. The kite was flown from the small survey vessel that is visible in the last image. 
 +<​blockquote>​{{:​project:​201110_london_gateway:​london_gateway_8119.jpg?​300x150&​nolink |Dredging at London Gateway}}[[http://​​wiki/​London_Gateway|Wikipedia]]:​ **London Gateway** is a major new development under construction on the north bank of the River Thames in Thurrock, Essex. It comprises a large new deep-water port, which will be able to handle the biggest container ships in the world, as well as one of Europe’s largest logistics parks, providing effective access (by road and railways) to London and the rest of Great Britain.  
 +The development will dramatically increase the capabilities of the Port of London in handling modern container shipping and help meet the growing demand for container handling at Britain'​s ports.
 </​blockquote>​ </​blockquote>​
 ===== Kaart ===== ===== Kaart =====
-<​googlemap type="​hybrid"​ width="​800px"​ height="​300px"​ zoom="18" lat="​51.914305" lon="4.472246">​ +<​googlemap type="​hybrid"​ width="​800px"​ height="​300px"​ zoom="13" lat="​51.503787" lon="0.481811">​ 
-51.914305,4.472246, camera+51.503787,0.481811, camera
 </​googlemap>​ </​googlemap>​
-====== ​Dreding photographs taken at London Gateway ======+====== ​Photographs of dredging activities ​at London Gateway ======
 {{gallery>​201110_london_gateway?​3&​200x130&​crop&​2000X2000&​lightbox}} {{gallery>​201110_london_gateway?​3&​200x130&​crop&​2000X2000&​lightbox}}
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