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Rambiz en Globetrotter 2 in de Wiltonhaven, Schiedam

This is the Heavy lift vessel Rambiz. Here it is locayed at the Huisman yard in Schiedam . These aerial photographs were taken April 27th 2012. The camera was lifted by a kite.

Dit zijn luchtfoto's van de Rambiz november 2012 genomen bij de Wiltonhaven (bij Huisman) in Schiedam.

Voor het nemen van deze foto's hing de camera aan de lijn van een vlieger. Het kaartje geeft de locatie van de vlieger aan.

22_rambiz_5477.jpg Scaldis SMC:The Rambiz is a multipurpose sea-going Heavy Lift Vessel. The Rambiz has a lifting capacity of 3.300 tons and is suitable for platform installation and removal, wreckage removal and other special heavy lifting tasks.

Both cranes reach to a lift height of 90 meters. The vessel is fully certified for ocean passage with the cranes fully erected.

The cranes can be loaded independent or simultaneous.


<googlemap3 type=“hybrid” width=“800px” height=“300px” zoom=“15” lat=“51.907849” lng=“4.37749”> 51.907849,4.37749, Camera; </googlemap3>

Foto's van de Rambiz in de Wiltonhaven

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