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 +====== Armada Intrepid loaded on Dockwise Vanguard ======
 +Aerial images of the //Armada Intrepid// (former [[|Schiehallion]]) being loaded on //Dockwise Vanguard// (Boskalis) in the Caland Canal (Port of Rotterdam). The //Armada Intrepid// is a 250 m FPSO (A floating production, storage and offloading vessel). The //Vanguard// will transport the //Intrepid// from Rotterdam to Indonesia
 +<blockquote>{{:project:vanguard_intrepid:vanguard_-04383.jpg?550 |Armada Intrepid loaded on Dockwise Vanguard}} [[|]]: The Dockwise Vanguard is the world's largest semi-submersible heavy-lift carrier. The Dockwise Vanguard has a load capacity in excess of 110,000 tonnes, accommodated on an open-end, free deck space of 275m x 70m. The absence of a raised bow and conventional forward superstructure means that cargo overhang, either forward or aft, is possible. 
 +These aerial photographs were taken on May 7th, 10th and 14th,  2015 in the port of Rotterdam (Calland Canal near Rozenburg). The camera was lifted by a kite.
 +See also: images of the (smaller) semi-submersible heavy transport vessel [[201203_blue_marlin|Blue Marlin]]
 +==== Map====
 +{{url>,4.205275&z=13&output=embed 100%,300px}}
 +==== Armada Intrepid loaded on Dockwise Vanguard, Rotterdam ====
 +**Terug naar het [[:project:|overzicht]]**..