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Rig 5: Ground Control

Arduino pins

      LCD   Arduino
 gnd   1    
 vcc   2
 pot   3
       4    D2
 gnd   5
       6    D4
       11   D9
       12   D10
       13   D11
       14   D12
 vcc   15
 gnd   16
 D6: Relay: high connects 3-4 and 8-9
            low  connects 3-2 and 8-7
    Needs two transition to get in definite state!
 D7: IR sensor
 D8: Push button trigger
 D5: Push button control
 Spare: D3 (IR output?)
 D13: onboard LED

A1 Tilt potentiometer
A2 Pan potentiometer
A3 LiPo voltage sense

A4 Accelerometer X
A5               Y
A6               Z
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