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 +====== Radio Communication Protocol ======
 +The Ground controller (Ground) and KAP rig controller (Air) communcate via radio modems (APC220). This results in a 9600Bd half duplex serial link. 
 +Ground and Air comminicate by transmitting short human readable messages which are comma separated records of items. The messages have the following layout:
 +  message: $ + item  + [,item] + \n
 +  item:    ID + value
 +  ID:      2 characters, 
 +           upper case for commands and settings,
 +           lower case for status an mesurments
 +  value:   integer value
 +  example:  $PM2,VM0,gv123\n
 +White space in messages is ignored. The following IDs ar used
 +  gv  gv1134  Ground battery Voltage in [v/100] here 11.34 volt
 +  av  av732   Air battery Voltage in [v/100]
 +  MP  MP120   Manual Pan setpoint [deg], right is positive
 +  MT  MT10    Manual Tilt setpoint [deg], down is positive
 +  MC  MC17    Manual Click counter (change -> take picture)
 +  cp  cp120   Current Pan value [deg], right is positive
 +  ct  ct10    Current Tilt value [deg], down is positive
 +  cc  cc17    Current Click value (change -> take picture)
 +  VM  VM0     Video Mode (0:off, 1:on)
 +  PM  PM2     Pan Mode 
 +                  0:Manual, 
 +                  1:Auto KAP, 
 +                  2:Panorama,
 +                  3:Smart (Manual, Autokap after 60 sec of inactivity)
 +  TM  TM1     Time Mode 0:Manual, 1:quick, 2:2s, 3:3s, 4:5s, 5:10s
 +  vm, pm, tm:  current status in Air