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Rig 5

Rig5 will be my most sophisticated rig yet 8-). I'll keep notes here. The parts are coming in, the design is crystallizing…

NEW: the software I'm developing for this rig and controller is now browsable online


arduino radio regulator video rx video tx


I am in the process of ordering and testing components for my 'next generation' camera rig. I'll updat this section as I go…

  • The rig and the controller will be based on Arduino's
  • 4 x LM2596 DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Module's (11 gr, $5.24 on ebay)
  • A 4-line LCD display for the ground controller (update: tested)
  • 5.8Ghz video tx (3.3V, 3gr, 200mW, $20) and rx (12V, $35). UPDATE: it is difficult to solder wires to the small pads on the TX. I broke it :-(
  • 5.8Ghz video tx, 8 channels, 100 mW, (FatShark, $40, FS5.8-100MW). It has a small voltage regulator for the video cam. Tested: okay with RX mentioned above.
  • Small relays to disconnect the power of the video TX and RX when not in use (ordered)
  • A 3 turn sail servo(GWS S125-3T, 720 degrees) for proportional pan control without external gears (my current rig uses the GWS S125-1T, no problemo)
  • Switches, connectors, resistors, LEDs
  • A great 3.5“ Inch Digital TFT LCD VERY clear display in bright light!)

Communication modules

transceiver.jpg From: Sure Electronics, $30, RF Transceiver 431-470MHz GFSK Data Transfer

Pin   Name   Description
 1    GND    0V
 2    VCC    3.3V-5.5V
 3    EN     POWER (≧1.6V) or SUSPENDED (≦0.5V Hibernation)
 4    RXD    UART input, TTL
 5    TXD    UART output, TTL
 6    B/RX   RS485- or RS232 RX
 7    A/TX   RS485+ or RS232 TX
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